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  • SKU: FTO000574

    This is the latest model of the ZETA series which has won many races since its launch in 1990 and has kept the driver’s safety

    RS Watanabe’s x BRIDE collaboration seat, based on the best selling ZETA 4 from BRIDE! Also, Watanabe added a special model with a special logo for Team 86 “Hachiroku”, which has many Watanabe enthusiasts. A standard logo model is also available, this can be installed cars other than the 86.

    ZETA IV is the latest model of the ZETA series which is a standard model of BRIDE full bucket seats. This whose shell has been designed to fit the body shape, is a BRIDE flagship model designed for various scenes from road going to hard sports driving. Based on the BRIDE sheet manufacturing technology and experience over many years, this has achieved light weight and high rigidity by using high-performance materials for each part. This is a full bucket seat that is superior to conventional products in all aspects of hold-ability, comfort, durability, and safety.

    Details1 Bride Zeta IV Racing Bucket Seat – Black / Silver FRP Shell
    * Seat rail sold separately

    • Note : Production lead time can take up to 1-3 weeks from the day you per-order until delivery depending on production schedule.